Teaching board games to new players

Teaching someone how to play a board game is crucial to whether everyone likes the game or not. Truth is that the way you explain it, and the excitement you show for the game will determine the players attitude.

To explain properly a game you should play it over and over again until you’re familiar with all the details. if you’re not familiar with the rules and have to read the rule book may bore people or if you skip sharing with them some of the rules will create a disadvantage. And you certainly don’t want other players to have miserable time and negative memories of the game, do you?

Here are a few steps to follow when you’re teaching the rules to a board games to new players!

  • Learn the rules before teaching them
  • Introduce the game theme
  • Explain the objectives
  • Set up the board game and give details
  • Play through example turns or a whole round
  • Showcase tough moments and challenges
  • Offer to play a learning game before the main one
  • Play

Do you have any sort of hack how to teach better a game?

I’m not quite sure about this one. I think it’s better to gather people that have never played a certain bg and learn the rules together. I mean if I’m familiar with the rules and have played a games dozens of times, most certainly I’ll be better at it. But if you all learn together how to play something, this will be equally challenging for everyone.

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Hey Beth, I see your point but if no one has ever played the game, it’s just a huge waste of time learning the rules instead of playing the game. Also, if the players are used to playing board games of any sort, I think they are fast-learners as most board games have a common logic.

And as a gamer, I can say that I love winning and challenges, so bring them on! haha

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