Posting Photos to the Main Site

Hi, I was wondering if/when we were allowed to upload pictures of our games to the main site. The upload button currently seems “locked” for me, with a padlock on it.

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Hi @andrewh,

Our team is working hard on the deliveries right now and this feature was put aside for a while, but we will do our best to implement it soon.

We will notify you when it’s updated. For now, you can share your images here in the forum and in our BGG page.

Can’t wait to see your creations and photos. You can also share your feedback about the rules of games you’ve played here in the forum.

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Hi Sam, no worries at all. Thankyou for coming back to me. I appreciate you have loads on at the moment with deliveries and behind the scenes stuff. I’ll post pics where I can and keep an eye out for the feature on the main site.

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