Model building techniques

I apologize if this goes in another category. I have been experimenting with various building techniques, including triangles, pentagrams, slopes, overlapping tiles, and wheels. I’ve posted images of my creations over on BGG.

Anyone else trying new building techniques? I’d love to share ideas.


Hi astamm,
thank you for sharing your concepts.

Is this one yours: ?
Love the dog and the uneven surface:

We will focus on creating more models once we manage to ship all crowdfunding sets from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.
That’s why we are not very active in the forum now :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, those are mine. I’ve posted 8 images so far. I’ve been experimenting mostly with non-90-degree angles.

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Could you please post these in a thread here, in the forum?
Maybe this way people will share their own designs and shapes, too :slight_smile:

Btw - did you get the chance to check some of the games, as well?

I can. Will you be creating a new category for models or should I create one or more uncategorized topics? I’m thinking three topics - animals, buildings, and slopes?

I haven’t tried any games yet. I’m having too much fun building.


Hey astamm, I’m answering with a delay because we are occupied with the final push of the international deliveries.

I love the pictures you shared on the other topics and I just created on for various designs:

Please let me know if you have any more ideas :slight_smile:
btw - Did you have the chance to play with friends some of the games already?