Gemji models: buildings

I’ve been experimenting with different building techniques using slopes, pentagrams, and other non-standard layouts. Here are a couple of my favorites.

A vaguely Asian temple using pentagrams

A cloud-themed bridge with sloped walkways

You can see all of my creations in the Gemji gallery on BoardGameGeek:

Please share your interesting buildings.


It took me a while to get this windmill built. Trying to counter the weight on the front was an interesting challenge.


These are really cool. I’ve just started to test out the building side of the tiles after playing the games for a few weeks. I’m really enjoying it, and your models are providing inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Out of interest how did you counter the weight of the front? Just attach tiles to the back until it worked?!

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I did attach a few pieces off-center to help hold the back together, which did help offset some of the weight at the front, but the biggest help I found was increasing the base. The place it broke the most was at the bottom. I also ended up using a triangular column. That seemed to hold up better than a square one.


Ah good shout on the triangle column, I hadn’t noticed it from the picture. I will try that in my models going forward. Thanks for the idea.

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Construction Crane :building_construction: