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I first heard about this game when I was a kid. My Papi taught me how to play it one summer and it soon became my favourite game! As far as I remember it’s the national game of Ghana. I think my Papi had his game offered by his uncle once he was on a trip in Africa. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There are different versions of the game. I’ve always associated it with Connect 4. We sometimes played it after math classes. It’s a lot about calculating things right and making assumptions about the other player’s next turn. I can’t say I was brilliant at it, but for sure enjoyed it.

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Just a quick note to everyone who played a different type of mancala.

We are aware that there are several types of classical Mancala rules, but when we created the GEMJI adaptation our goal was to simplify it and to make it more accessible for more people. Also leaving enough space for other people to create forks (modifications of the game) - for example GEMJI Mancala Africa or GEMJI Mancala USA.

Here are some inspirational links in case you want to create a Mancala fork:


Pinterest references

YouTube “How to Play” Links