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Just a quick question, how do you 'take" the opponents pieces off the board. Or is it just about blocking them by being on top of them. If it is just about blocking them, how does a piece or group of pieces become detached from the main force of the army?

Sorry if this is a silly question, its just not very clear from reading the rules a few times.


Hey Andrew,
Glad you’ve tried the GEMJI Battle!
It’s a long one and it needs a lot of thinking, so I’m really happy somebody is interested in it :slight_smile:

Yes, “taking” is done by “blocking”.
Once you move your tile away, though - the opponent could once again operate with the tile that is “free” now. Another way to “block” the other player is to “cut an island” and virtually remove his or her pieces out of the battle. The “island detaching” is done like this:
Imagine you have 10 tiles ( 8 of the opponent and 2 yours) together, but the only “bridge” to the other tiles in the game is a piece of yours… so you may want to move this piece away
thus leaving a “gap” and sacrificing your 2 tiles, in order to eliminate 8 of the opponent.

As long as some tiles are not connected to the main tiles - they are dropped from the game.

Why would someone want to do that?

  1. Sacrifice strategy
  2. Negligence. (once they move the “linking” tile" - there’s no way back - it’s their mistake)

So we could conclude that “being connected” is an integral part of the game’s strategy and could be used by both parties in order to keep some of the tiles temporarily as a “hostage” in certain periods of the game.

Does this help?

Once we finish with all the crowdfunding ( I hope that we will have time to record videos for each game). But it will take a long time. So please be patient :))


Awesome thanks Mark for the explanation it’s make more sense now. I think it’ll become clearer as well as we play a few games, I just wanted to have a basic knowledge of it as I am sure my 9 yr old daughter will be asking ALL the questions when we start playing this one haha.

Hope everything is going well for you and the team, I’m so excited to be a part of all this and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gemji. It is one of most interesting and innovative games I’ve seen, and I’m nearly 40 :joy::+1:t2:. I’ll definitely be buying more sets when they become available.


Thank you for your kind words Andrew :slight_smile:

And also - that’s exactly the purpose of this forum - to ask anything you have in mind!
Once we scale-up the production - we will start publishing even more games, so keep prepared!

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